The scourge of the EU-parliament, Hans-Peter Martin MEP (English-language primer here), who will run for the EU-elections even though his former faction (the social democrats) kicked him out, has now declared that will found a party, and that Karin Resetarits will be on the number two spot of his list (in German) - meaning she will go to Brussels if his effort is as successful as I predicted earlier. (UPDATE: the magazine News has a poll: SPÖ 33 - ÖVP 29 - Grüne 15 - HP Martin 15 - FPÖ 9)

Karin Resetarits is a TV moderator who has also been active relentlessly in many diverse cultural ventures, more and less successful, with an implied claim to celebrity status. She has at least managed an enormous presence on all kinds of local gossip- and celebrity talk-outlets (such as now this one), for reasons that are very hard to understand. Politically she seems to be somehow leftish in a fuzzy way, but this is clearly overshadowed by her controversial fame as an attention-junkie. And this is her role here: She may have some fans, but isn't the risk much higher that she will turn away many voters initially sympathetic to Martin alone? First signs of this here (in German). But of course, Martin did need a number two, otherwise he could have been killed by an argument saying: He may be a deserving chap, but your vote for him is wasted, since he'll manage to get elected anyway and for any more votes there are no candidates...

In a way, although the case in point is quite unimportant, it's interesting. Many ventures (in business, blogging, art and elsewhere) have to make this hard decision: is this about one authentic person, who can credibly carry a certain content, or is this story strong enough that I can make it social and intersubjective, so that the cause can be represented by a collective. In this case, my guess is that the net balance for Martin will be negative.

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