Fantasy network 

You get 0 for reading this, and I get 0 for writing it.
Our compensation is immaterial.

The internet gets 0 for transferring this.

If we performed this communication by mobile phone, the network would get money, although the amount of that is falling rapidly (as are the numbers of employees of the telecom companies [in German]).

The fantasy network gets 0 for providing infinite hits, visits, and page impressions, and yet it is satisfied.

But it delivers news to me that is unsettling and offers no guidance for the future. Wasn't the idea that by being aware of the news, one would be better prepared for the events one will encounter in the future? Why do current news (Iraq) then swallow up the prospects of a global future I could contemplate? (Soldiers of the single global superpower torture prisoners in an invaded land that the superpower claims to liberate, and it's not an isolated incident.) I predict with confidence that I'll have nothing to predict today.

Mankind will scrape through, the majority will not be affected. The conscience of humanity is scarred by another black spot.

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