Another day in Austria 

A 17-years old girl dies of anorexia [DE]. The youth welfare office had become aware of her problems 18 months ago, but the mother did not follow through with the recommended medical controls. A court enforced the medical treatment, but then the girl died before systematic treatment would start, and was lying dead in her bed for a couple of days before her mother called the ambulance and death was declared.

A 'Concert for Europe' [DE] was held in the park of the former imperial chateau Schönbrunn to welcome EU extension, with Bobby McFerrin conducting the Vienna Philharmonics. Among media frenzy, 90,000 people attended a program of popular classical top-hits. Ferromonte watched and was unimpressed [DE].

Wherever you go in Vienna, the power of the middle-class is overwhelming, both in their numbers and in their sense of ownership of society. A daily ride on the underground provides a good education in this matter. So many middle-class biographies, middle-class daily worries, middle-class triumphs. And you sense how well you fit in. So well cushioned against direct effects of most political decisions.

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