Political scratchpad, II 

American presidential contender John Edwards was credited with running a 'positive campaign'. This is more than just being constructive, it implies also to phrase criticism and things like spending cuts in words that emphasise their positive implications. It is a positive thing really (as opposed to 'spin', which even presents the plain negative as a positive, just for egoistic advantage).

5'. Provide structured integration of immigrants into social welfare programs
6'. Multidimensional support and incentives during periods of unemployment
7'. Alleviate wage barriers to job creation
8'. Extend national welfare into regional welfare and global welfare

Then there is the issue of the messenger: Not everybody is allowed to propose every measure; the image of the messenger must be compatible. A millionaire arguing for spending cuts for the unemployed will always have a problem. (Metablogging: This is why academics are doing so well on the A-list)


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