List of desired political improvements, scratchpad 

1. more budget for relieving global poverty
2. remove trade barriers against poor countries
3. young age is a factor for receiving a residence permit, high education level is not
4. everybody with a residence permit is allowed to work
5. a work permit does not immediately give access to all social benefits (only gradually)
6. support the unemployed with voluntary programs for a structured daily life, whereas the financial level of unemployment benefits should be relatively low
7. minimum wages have to get lower (Kollektivverträge in Austria)
8. the resulting increased local economic inequality contributes to much improved global welfare. Anyway the main reason for local economic inequality is not income differentials, but inheritance differentials (due to the long period of peace and prosperity)
9. wage increase due to seniority must get much smaller - more wealth for the young, more employability for the old
10. paid work is a tool for financial advancement, it is not in itself the highest goal in society

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