Christoph Chorherr to step down 

According to Der Standard, Christoph Chorherr tells Der Falter in tomorrow's edition that he is about to step down as the leader of the Green party in the Vienna city assembly, his sole remaining leadership position. As somebody who has followed his political career with some interest, I find this disillusioning.

The interest for non-Vienna based readers: Chorherr started as an academic at the business university, became known for his intelligence and constructiveness as an opposition politician, and for a while seemed to be developing a successful career as a politician based primarily on these credentials. He became the national leader of his party at one point in the nineties based essentially on the fact that he was the most able-brained of the lot. His reign was relatively short-lived however, because the more radical wing of that party did not like somebody who was willing to argue for positions based on merit, even when they were at odds with cozy, if sometimes inappropriate party ideology. Chorherr stepped down from his national leadership role and assumed the leadership of the Viennese party organisation, the strongest regional branch. But even there, it seems that over the years he became outflanked. The way this looks now, he seems to have failed for being too boring, too academic, too little of an entertainer - and all this in a semi-bald, thirty-something male. He says "I accept that attending balls is part of political business, but fortunately I never had to sit at a carnival's guild". "We need more excitement and less brains", whisper the trees.

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