Boring countries explained 

1. What is the maximum possible interest penalty?

The penalty is normalised so that the last country in the ranking, the mightily interesting UK, has a penalty of 100. There were three dimensions of scoring, which were then individually normalised to cover the same value range.

2. What are the three dimensions used for scoring?

a. Cultural interest: Old cultural achievements such as ruins or scriptures help a bit for the penalty, but vibrant contemporary cultural achievements count more.

b. Political excitement: Extremists in government? Festering ethnic conflicts? Weird things going on? They get you my attention, but do you want to have it?

c. Originality/dynamism/importance of the economy: Estonia had a high penalty here, but so did Germany. Is it worth reading about the economic development of your country in the last ten years?

3. Why is Denmark on rank 3 but Sweden on rank 20?

If Sweden is on rank 20, why would I need Denmark on rank 19? Does it give me much that I don’t have already in Sweden? ;-) It’s just a silly little list, please don’t take it personal, anyone.

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